November 5, 2019: Peace and "looking back"

When you continue on this journey, the review of your past is needed.

Please note the differences in the word "review" and any other word that requires you to look closely at your past. This is not an examination. We are not here to study, take notes, right an essay, write another, and collect data and research on what awfulness lead you to the point of reevaluation.

It's not necessary to write the dissertation of your darkness, OK?

Instead, you're recasting an intrapersonal foundation, an ethos of good and kindness, gentleness, patience and peace. This is to contrast against your past, offering perspective on what you want to release, and what you wish to create. It's the creation of a new ethos, a new way of being, and a new way of feeling the person within you, the one you're meant to be, without fear. Just you and the love you hold.

So let me remind you again: this is not an attempt to self flagellate or create guilt and a depressive state of angst and awfulness.

It's just a review. Look, feel, sit with it for a second, then move on.

But let me be clear. It's a comprehensive and complete acknowledgement of our negative and hurtful actions of the past, and it should cover all of the following:

1) Those you have injured, hurt, offendened, become angry with, dismissed, insulted, belittled, ignored, judged, bullied, put down, bypassed, spoken over, disappointed, left behind, failed to recognize, shut out, disconnected from, underappreciated, took for granted, berated, failed to defend, cast aside, pushed away, left to fend for themselves, shocked, humiliated, shamed, and ignored.

2) Feel free to add your own.

Taking account of this gives reference to what you are leaving. It shows you with a gentle reminder what you no longer wish to hold closely, opening insights to new insights.

A look back is not an opportunity to regret or blame yourself. It's a review. Keep it handy to remind yourself what you're needing to change.


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