October 11, 2019: Introverted Peace

I'm essentially an introvert. I have a persona of a talker, engager, and schmoozer, but that's not me. I'm only good for one-on-one encounters for any period of time. I like being alone.

Yet, two people went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and at ease today, creating a sense of peace within me that I didn't expect. This absolutely can happen to you.

I nearly cancelled. I had a list of excuses. I just don't like public stuff. And I'm getting more introverted and slightly stuck as life goes on. Yet, I've known John for years. An absolutely wonderful, smart, sensitive guy. I've met Maya, his soon to be, only twice. But tonight I feel like we've I went out with two folks that I've known forever.

Here's how that sense of real comfort rested within me throughout our time together:

They were welcoming. I met them at a place I'd never been, and they were warm, easygoing, and kind. They had no expectations of me. They accepted me just as I was, a little underdressed and slightly frayed.

They were accommodating. I was on my way to the restaurant when I saw that my navigation indicated miles of traffic. I suggested another place to meet. They were fine with that.

They were open. Disclosive, conversational, self effacing and warm. They had no agenda, just to have a glass of wine, some cheese, bread, and garlic cloves, sitting outside on the patio of a nice restaurant.

And they listened. My persona is chatty. I want to be liked. And I try to be in control of the situation. Covers up my insecurities in public. They just let me roll. That was as kind of a gesture they could offer.

This is how you offer an atmosphere in peace to somebody that you want to know better. I couldn't have felt more comfortable, or more at ease.

I left with a sense of peace within me. They could write the script on how this feeling can be cultivated in the company of another. They asked me to play Pickleball with them on Sunday.

I'll be there. I'll bring that sense of peace with me.


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