October 29, 2019: Peace and "Healed"

Again, my friend Renee, the New York/Chicago combustible spirit of heavenly light.

I got her on the phone and read this definition from someone I dearly love and admire:

"Someone who is "healed" is a person who's made the breakthrough to a new way of thinking; in other words, knowing that their own thoughts control their actions and that no one else is doing their thinking for them. So the choices they make for their lives will reflect that, most likely in a positive manner, because if they're still choosing to think negatively, then they're not fully "healed."

I asked Renee to give me her take on that.

"Yeah, she's got it. Nailed it. Negative thinking is the wellspring of Fear. Do you like that I used "wellspring in a sentence right there? But it's the truth, I'm not screwing around here. Fear? Negativity. Love? Positivity. That's it."

"But let me expand on that, because "to heal" is an operational thing. It's always in motion. Do we shut down the fear? No, no, no, and that's where people misunderstand this. Everybody, everybody, everybody is going to get anxious, afraid, nervous, angry, whatever."

"Here, this is good. I'll tell you what happened with Joe. When Joe got his diagnosis (Joe is her husband. He was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer last year) I didn't sleep. But I didn't let it last. Fear kept me awake. So, screw that, right?"

"It's a daily think, honey, and it's a two step process. Notice I didn't say "daily thing?" Yeah, because it's the daily "think." Here's what I do now. Breathe out the fear, breathe in the faith. Breathe out the anxiety, breathe in the happiness, breathe out the...well, you get the idea. And then I say "screw this." I refuse to spend anymore time of my life afraid. Takes practice, and I breathe a lot into that practice. But healing is something we have to do daily. That's the only way we get it. That's how you heal. Well, that's how I do. And it's a daily deal."

"Then, secondly, you bring that thinking into your being. Everyday, I went erasing the "what am I going to do without him" fear-based stuff with "I know it's going to be OK, and I feeling that belief." Gotta feel it, honey. Just thinking it ain't gonna cut it. Gotta, gotta, gotta feel, feel, feel that faith, that belief. Just gotta."

"Oh, yeah. This, too: You can't just say, "I'm healed now and now I'm at peace forever and ever and ever." Do people actually think that? No, just doesn't work like that. It's being the healing. New effort every day. Every day is being the healing. Hey, isn't that good? I might copyright that. But you have to "be" it. Thinking is good, and your thoughts have to be the engine to that train of thought, as you like to say. But the wheels that keep those thoughts on the track of consciousness is the feelings of knowing, that sensation of trust and faith, right into your bones."

"I gotta run. Joe's calling me. He thinks I talk too much on the phone. Do I do that? And be honest."

No, I told her. This was perfect.


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