September 16, 2019: A Sign

The first person I told about this was my cousin Margie. She gets this. She is blow-your-hair back cool. I wish you all could meet her. I have another friend that will get this, too-spiritually humongous and unendingly kind-but he's been working overtime, like thirty years of overtime, with my neurosis this week so I'll tell him later.

Here's the deal: I got what would generally be called "a sign." Bear with me for a second.

I have a new routine at bedtime: Read, write about three good things that have happened that day, light a candle in my "With God, All Things Are Possible" and say a prayer.

Oh, yeah: I look at my phone.

Now, as I remember, I'm pretty sure I was playing with the Words with Friends or the Cribbage Apps at some point. But I make a point of reading, writing, praying, then hit the light. Phone's off by then, somewhere in the mix.

This morning, I pick up the phone. I want to see the time, then see if I have any messages that came in from the night before. No messages. So as I turn on the phone, the first thing that comes up is Twitter. I wasn't on Twitter before I went to bed. Then, somehow, Twitter shows up on my homescreen. In it is a tweet from the Twitter group, "Spirit of the Lord." It is the subject at the top of a Twitter search. Below it is the attached picture.

Out of nowhere. I have never searched this topic, not once.

Let's go over this for a second, so I'm abundantly clear:

I was not on Twitter before I went to bed.

I turned off the phone when I went to bed.

When I woke up, it was on. And to that Twitter page.

No, I wasn't drinking.

No, I'm not on any narcotics/opiates/hallucinogens.

No, I don't have any significant emotional disorders.

No, I'm not going to explain "significant."

So, let's just say it's a sign, OK? Because here's what I'm thinking:

This wasn't for me. This was for all of you.

Know that God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit/Allah/Mohammed/Mother Earth/The Big Electron/The Field of Infinite Potentiality (from Pam Grout) "Phil" (from Anne Lamott) is here. Not up there, HERE. Just waiting to say, "Hi, how's it going!" to anybody that knows this spirit lives in the trees and the sky and in the air and within the center of our hearts.

Folks, I'm just a conduit. Just a guy with a little bit of experience out here writing about stuff that I hope does some good.

And then I get this, to let you know that the "Spirit of The Lord" wants you to feel great.

So I'll just pass this along.

Amen to that, huh? Happy Monday.


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