The Eyes of the Virus

Masks are the daily dress for the fashionable. Trending Virus Chic.

A few bandanas, lots of surgical masks. I've seen socks, handkerchiefs, towels and one diaper attached with a bathrobe belt. Gotta make due where you can.

Masks are there to cover our mouths and noses, cheekbones and chins.

We can't be heard very well through these things. We can speak, but it's muffled. How many of you have had to repeat something through your mask? Get used to it. This might be a while.

You can barely hear what's being said. But you can see, truly see, what is trying to be expressed.

I was in the store. Made a run for the necessities, and while standing at the stripe on the floor, I saw the customer and the checker speak to one another. They're loud, trying to annunciate, and both were getting frustrated. The customer stopped speaking, looked down at the floor, and shook her head.

The checker followed this gesture with something wonderful.

She raised her eyebrows, tiled her head to the left, and her eyes changed shape. They had a squint to them, a different glow. They reflected the light, and one could say they even twinkled just a little.

The checker was smiling. You couldn't see it underneath her mask, however... could clearly see the smile in her eyes.

The woman raised her head, looked at the checkers eyes, smiled back and sighed with that familiar sound of relief. They started again. Conflict resolved.

Their eyes held the conversation. The glow of the compassionate visual offering of humanity.

In Matthew, it's written, "The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is sound, your whole body will be full of light."

That light, lit in the lamp of their glance, communicated more than a thousand words could express.

Be mindful of your eyes. The reflect the love in your heart.


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